Fond Memory

by Range Of Light

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A while back when I first started Range Of Light, I wrote some stories that morphed into songs. This was supposed to be an epic piece with 29 songs but my computer had other motives and with it all my recordings vanished into the infinite space of a digital galaxy. All that survived were these 5 songs. Finished or not, I hardly care anymore and now it's time finally put them out there for the wold to listen. So enjoy and judge accordingly. Peace.

- Christopher Arthur


released December 27, 2014

Christopher Arthur



all rights reserved


Range Of Light California

This project was molded as a response to a lost and troubled youth. Though we progress forward we have memories that still carry us. That still haunt us. I create music in hopes to ease my own troubled mind and by doing so yours as well. As I grow older, I hope someday to be as grandeur as a mighty RANGE OF LIGHT. ... more

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Track Name: Awake
Rain starts to pour outside
As an old memory falls down on me
We would look for her both you and I
Never knowing that we both felt her peace

Sometimes late at night I will see her there
Late at night is it just my mind
Late at night I will see her there
Late at night is it just my mind

I lie awake
I hear the rain outside

Rain starts to pour outside
The whole world falls down on me
We never saw her the day she died
Hold on to her memory

I lie awake
I hear her song outside
Track Name: Fond Memory
My fondest memory of you
I remember in the kitchen you used to hum a tune
You used to sing to me when
You took me to the lake where I was taught to swim

I remember it well
Riding in the car with all the windows down
With the wind in my hair
My hands were out the window trying to ride the air

I remember as a child
All the hawks that circled by
And all the smell of pine
And the valley of deer
Mt. Whitney up ahead never looked so clear

Now that you're gone
I write upon the desk where your picture sits on
A part of me is with you
I remember in the backyard I would hang on you
Track Name: Home
I was driving home on a cloudy afternoon
Signs of sunlight were hiding in the trees
As I was coming home the rain came down soon
And I wondered if there was a plan for me

I'm going home

I was in my room
On this rainy afternoon
I was thinking what growing older really means
As I was in my room
I could see the clouds swoon
and the darkness that constantly haunts me
Track Name: Wavves
Fall into my bed
And try to sleep away what hinders me
I toss and turn like waves
Wide awake I barely catch my breath
Somethings in my room
I try to look but I can barely move
I toss and turn like waves

Why must I be this way

I finally drift to sleep
Thoughts I can't control invade my dreams
Like the fear of growing old
And how life can end so naturally
I see in front of my eyes
The things I threw away so selfishly
I toss and turn like waves

Why must I be this way